Logo integratedly manages the material, information and money flow of business enterprises of various scales with its Supply Chain Solutions, and it allows its customers to put on the right product, at the right time, in the right place and with a right price. Having integrated with the processes in sales and warehouse management among the critical elements of the supply chain, it helps its customers to increase their service quality and customer satisfaction. Sales Automation and Warehouse Automation solutions working as integrated with Logo ERP solutions play a key role in integrated management of the value chain beginning from the production process to sales and reaching up to the customer. Integrated management system achieved with Logo’s wide set of solutions reduces the costs of business enterprises and increase their productivities.

Warehouse Automation Solutions, Logo Ocean and Logo Neon enable to optimize all the goods actions in the supply chain and manage the entire processes in warehouse best. Logo Mobile Sales, a Sales Automation Solution, offers a solution set integrated with mobile and internet technologies to be able to manage customer requests and sales operation best.