Logo, the application software market leader in Turkey, develops business solutions fulfilling all corporate requirements for SMEs that target international competition.

Entrepreneurs that are willing to start a new business and take sound steps into the professional life and SMEs benefiting from further added value and efficiency with the high performance achieved should consider the practical and easy-to-use Logo SME Solutions.   Offering a convenient growth environment for corporations due to its developable modular structure, Logo SME Solutions target different scales of SMEs with low ownership costs.  

Efficiently managing the basic business processes in corporations operating in various sectors, Logo SME Solutions help several leading firms, including notably Construction, Trade, Textile, Mining-Metal and food sectors, speed up their processes, and provide them with the agility they need in the growth process.

Logo SME Solutions minimizes errors due to integrated end-to-end management of processes with faster sales management, material and supply management as well as the ability to answer customer demands much quickly, keep and manage customer data, comply with international standards in financial processes, and processes like Human Resource management, and thus strengthen data integrity and enhance corporate development of SMEs. 

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