SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions offered by Logo to SMEs, notably the retail sector, provide cost reduction, scaling according to requirements, information security, fast data communication and always using current software opportunities. 

Logo SaaS solutions offer the flexibility to use them as if paying monthly rentals and to scale them according to your requirements. With SaaS solutions that are offered via the Pay As You Go Model, users make payment so long as they use the software, and leave the system whenever they want.  

With SaaS (Software as a Service), users use the system in a secure area allocated to them, which can be accessed anywhere over the Internet.   A regular backup and disaster recovery is performed for user data that are stored safely under confidentiality agreements.   Aside from high information security, the SaaS model offers the benefits of unlimited storage capacity and active usability simultaneously in thousands of places. 

With SaaS, you need neither software license, hardware nor the human resource dedicated to them, and this enables firms to focus, rather than IT, on the business management system they design and to reduce their costs. It offers the opportunity to reduce costs arising from Operation and Database Servers, Operating System Licenses, various auxiliary software licenses, hosting expenses, security systems, air-conditioning expenses, electricity consumptions, software and hardware maintenances, software update and software upgrade items, and human resource responsible for such systems.   

Another benefit of the SaaS model is that it serves structures where a plethora of points and networks are managed, like the retail sector, using web technology.   This enables the channel to be managed much flexibly, faster, and offers an instant view from the center, making it possible to take decisions much quickly.  Another benefit that we can list is that by creating standards in the channel, new points to be opened can be activated much quickly, and even foreign sales and after-sales points of service can be smoothly integrated to the system. 

One of the most important characteristics brought by SaaS solutions that allow using always the most current version of the software is that any update and extension to the software is reflected instantly to all system users.   In the SaaS model, all users obtain software updates free of charge throughout the term of their agreement. 

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