In addittion to offering software solutions, Logo provides a platform that will meet all your organization’s requirements and increase its quality and efficiency.

Logo constantly strives to provide 'productivity’ beyond ready-made solutions by combining intelligence, production power, and experience of in-house and outsourced experts. 

Logo solutions offer a customizable and mutually complementary product family.  Among these solutions are products and services such as corporate resource management specially designed by various sizes, sectoral solutions, supply and demand chain automation, business processes design consultancy, and business intelligence solutions.

In technical terms, Logo solutions offer:

·         Quick activation

·         Enrichment of functions in line with sectoral requirements

·         Open platform

·         High performance

·         Low cost of ownership

·         Common solutions and platforms, creating synergy. 

Furthermore, it increases the firm’s competitive power with value added, technological, integrated products and services.  In this scope the following services are offered:

·         e-Government Solutions

·         Business Intelligence Solutions

·         CRM Solutions

·         e-Business Solutions (B2B, B2C)

·         Sectoral Solutions

·         Management Decision Support Systems

·         Consolidation and Integration Solutions between Applications