Logo offers a comprehensive service network that is capable of meeting all needs of its users owing to its widespread business partner channel and training, support and advisor teams with vast experience in their respective fields.

Logo works with a large scale development, support and advisory team consisting of more than 500 authorized Business Partners across Turkey in order to come up with instant solutions for problems and demands arising in the information infrastructures aimed at users. It provides user trainings and support services pertaining to Logo and Netsis products through authorized Business Partners.

Logo aims to bring up qualified human resources for IT sector within scope of its training services and Logo Academy initiative, and create specialists for solutions and play a supporting role in terms of enhancing competence of users on products. With this purpose, it provides all Logo users wishing to improve themselves in connection with these matters through trainings prepared for Logo Business Partners and Logo Trainee Specialists which are facilitated by experienced and specialist staff members with a chance of getting a training on Logo Solutions and personal development issues. 

Project advisory services rendered by Logo and Netsis with ERP in order to customize e-transformation solutions to requirements of entities and commission such solutions are offered by authorized Logo Business Partners with a wealth of experience in Logo and Netsis ERP systems and corporate applications software.

Coretech, as a Logo Group company, offers project development services customized to demands of entities, enabling them to create added-value and boost their efficiency thanks to its special projects team with experience and specialization in different platforms.