Logo’s management philosophy depends on the principle that all employees have the same vision and mission, and share the same goals, and that people are delegated powers and responsibilities.   It is essential that the company is managed by processes and data and all employees are dedicated to self-management.   Processes are developed in such a way that employees are able to assume different roles.

The primary objective behind Logo Human Resources policies is to increase employees’ motivation, strengthen their loyalty to the organization with a view to fostering effective work, to use necessary communication resources in accordance with the transparency principle in order to create an environment where all views and ideas are shared, to offer a comfortable and reliable working atmosphere for the employees, and to perform objective assessments. 

Logo has adopted investing in people as a basic policy.  The success of Logo lies in this highly qualified and well-trained manpower.  We believe that high quality products and services can only be produced by qualified and satisfied employees, and we focus our importance on the development and training of our employees.   Success is evaluated by business results consistent with the company’s objectives.  


The employee selection and placement process at Logo is carried out in such a way to find and place the most suitable candidate in accordance to the corporate culture, corporate adjectives, and position-specific competencies.  In recruitment, assessment is conducted according to knowledge and experience; pursuing the principle of equal opportunities, not the candidate’s gender, nationality, belief, ethnicity, marital status, or sexual orientation.

In the recruitment process, applications received through Logo career portal, social media and various career portals evaluated. Applications are recorded in the candidate’s database, and a pool of candidates is formed from among candidates with competencies consistent with the vacant positions, and the recruitment process is given a start.

As a result of preliminary evaluations relating to the position, competency-based interviews are held with suitable candidates.   After the interview is conducted by Human Resources and the relevant department manager, various tests are applied in the scope of measurement and evaluation of candidates who suit the position-candidate requirements.  After evaluating the interview and test results, the candidate's competencies, professional and technical knowledge are evaluated together with characteristics, including alignment with Logo’s corporate culture, customer focus, analytical thinking, creativeness, and dedication to work.   On the other hand, for managerial staff positions, aside from the competencies mentioned above, competencies with regard to leadership, team development and delegation are also evaluated.   Reference interviews are held with candidates who successfully complete the process. All successful candidates are evaluated in cooperation with the department managers, and suitable candidates are offered a job.

Applications of those candidates who cannot be evaluated for the current position at the end of interviews, are kept in our database to be evaluated for other positions. All candidates are informed about the result of the job application process.

In respect to candidates who start as an intern, the period during and after the internship process is followed by the relevant department managers and reported to the Human Resources Department. Youths who work as interns at Logo are evaluated with priority, and may start working half-time or full time at Logo after their internship. 


There is a degree, position, and compensation system in place at Logo that covers all the employees.  Our compensation and benefits policy depends upon the competencies, duties and responsibilities, education, and job experience of our employees.  The wages of our employees are determined using “HAY”, the internationally recognized job assessment system, in line with our target positioning in the market and wage surveys. A total income package is created for employees according to the value, which the job performed creates in the organization. Wages are revised every year, taking also into account intra-company balances, and are paid as a net salary.  The compensation system is supported with benefits.

Logo offers the following benefits for its employees: 

·         Service Bus: Our employees are offered a safe and comfortable commutation through a wide service bus network for our Gebze and Urla offices. 

·         Transportation fee: Administrative staff, that do not have a company car at their disposal at regional offices are paid a transportation fee. 

·         Private Health Insurance: Anybody who is an employee at Logo benefits from a private health insurance at the Company's expense.  Spouses and children of our employees are also covered.

·         Private Pension System:  There is a private pension system in place for our employees, which is supported by our organization.  The private pension plan has been prepared specifically for Logo group employees.

·         GSM Lines and Telephones: GSM lines and telephones are allocated to our employees subject to their positions. 

·         Computer: A laptop computer is allocated to employees subject to their positions.

·         Company Car: A company car is allocated to employees subject to their titles and positions.

·         Meal: Lunch is provided by Logo at Urla and Gebze offices.  Our employees who work at regional offices are given a meal card. 


Technical, behavioral, and managerial competencies of our employees are viewed and continually improved.  Not only professional trainings are undergone for development purposes, but also methods such as on-the-job-training are used by assuming duties in different projects and departments.

Trainings are organized to support technical, personal, or managerial development of employees.   Changes in organization and working climate, and developments in technology are instantly reflected to training plans.  

In addition, by attending sailing training at Logo’s sailboat, we improve ourselves on subjects uch as crisis management, making the right decision on the right time, performing well under changing circumstances, and taking quick decisions, etc. 

We aim to elevate extent of training every year. 


Logo’s management philosophy depends on the principle that all employees have the same vision and mission, and share the same goals, and that people are delegated powers and responsibilities.    The non-discriminative policy that we apply in the recruitment process, with regard to religion, language, race, gender, and physical handicaps is also employed in career management of our employees. The internal promotion system has been successfully applied for many years in career management.  The internal promotion system, which is also referred to in our corporate culture is considered as a motivating tool.


By evaluating talents, business results, and future potential of our employees, we aim to bring out difference makers  talents and managers of the future and hence to prepare the future’s organization.  


Business results, and technical and personal developments of our employees are evaluated.  In the light of these evaluations, well-performing employees are rewarded with a performance incentive by also taking into account the added value created by successful business results.  The performance incentive is given on an annual basis.


Being a member of the Logo family brings a set of advantages to our employees.  When you are a member of Logo;

·         We offer shopping discounts at contracted stores with Log'extra discount package, thanks to our cooperation with various firms.

·         We give money award to an employee for each candidate he refers to our company under the Logo +1 application.

·         We give a present on behalf of our company to our employees who get married and have a child. 

·         You can be member of Logo Sailing Team and represent our company at competitions.

·         We strengthen the communication between us and share our achievements and happy days via the periodic communication e-bulletin called LogoPost.

·         We support the business-life balance with other leaves that we can take in addition to our legal leaves.


There is an Occupational Health and Safety Policy in place at our company.  Our policy serves to the following purposes:

·         ​​​​Valuing people is the phenomenon that underlies Logo’s values and Human Resource practices.

·         As a leading software company, Logo attaches importance to health and safety of its employees, its most valuable capital, and follows up legal obligations closely.  Issues related to occupational health and safety are evaluated and acted upon at a committee formed by our employees in accordance with the criteria specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Law Number 6331.

·         By exhibiting a proactive approach in terms of occupational health and safety in the light of the consulting services received, Logo identifies risks in advance, takes necessary actions with a preventive viewpoint, and ensures that all its employees work healthily and safely.

·         Our employees can also benefit from the services of the workplace doctor and nurse.