Logo serves as a Software Development Center in GOSB Technopark. Logo built its own building in line with organized industrial zones within 11.000 square meter in GOSB Technopark. It has been operative in Gebze campus since 2000. Logo has also R&D centres located in Ankara Cyberpark and Izmir Urla High Technology Institute Campus.

Social Activities and Sport Facilities

There is a walking track, a basketball and volleyball field, table tennis and shower facilities within the Gebze Campus.   

Logo supports Logo Sailing Team as a sponsor which participates in yacht sailing races and has made some important achievements. Logo employees who are interested in yachting have opportunity to become a part of Logo Sailing Team.

There is a music room in our building, which provides the opportunity to play music during free times and music performances are organized monthly.

Logo regularly organizes social and cultural performances, conferences and meetings in the conference hall; and trainings and seminars in the training halls.The photos taken by the employees are exhibited on the foyer area.

Logo employees celebrate the foundation anniversary of Logo, the new year, and national days such as April 23 and May 19 in cheerful organizations and festivals.   Traditionally Logo organize poolside barbecue parties in the garden of Gebze Campus during the summer. 

Cafe Log-in provides a resting and social area with the wide range of food and beverage choices.

There is a hygenic, comfortable, and quite nursing room for female employees. 

Healthy Nutrition

Our lunches are prepared by the firm ISS in our kitchen at Gebze Campus in accordance to the required hygienic rules.

Meal menus are prepared taking into account the balance of proteins/carbohydrates/vegetables.  There are also menus that support vegetarian and gluten-free diets. The nutritional value of each meal is displayed, and a balanced diet is promoted.

Working Environment

Every employee has access to the intranet, remotely and via VPN connection.   Uninterrupted internet access is available within all buildings for laptops and wireless working without environment limitation.

There are  well equipped meeting rooms with video-conferencing system installed at Logo offices which helps in overcoming distances.    

Creative ideas are given importance at Logo.  Views about systems and processes can be shared freely in our forum area on the intranet. 

There are various environments where our employees may come together during business hours to exchange ideas and hold meetings.


Employees who have completed their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th  years in Logo  are given plaques during events organized every year. 

Social Responsibility

Logo employees who carry out social responsibility studies with their financial and moral support are trying to add value to different lives.

Logo gives utmost importance to the forestation of our country.  Logo support TEMA in its struggle against erosion and supported in the forestation of Gebze Balçık Village in the scope of the project "Let’s Not Allow Turkey Become a Desert” organized by Environmental Protection Ecology Journal.

Logo provides various charities to children at nurseries and elementary schools Turkey-wide.