LOGO and R&D

Leader in Technology and R&D

Transformed into a high technology group focused on information technologies, Logo enjoys a leading position in the sector in R&D investments.

Viewing technology and R&D as the foundation of long-term growth, Logo is committed to investing in R&D and excellence in software, and offering high quality solutions.   Acting with a “Continuous Innovation” vision, Logo is listed among the leading companies of Turkey according to R&D investment research. 

According to Turkish Time’s R&D research, Logo was ranked:

• 24th  in Turkey and 1st  in the sector in 2013 and 2012 (Turkishtime, November 2014)
• 15th  in Turkey and 1st  in the sector in 2011 (Turkishtime, August 2014)
• 12th  in Turkey and 1st  in the sector in 2010 (Turkishtime, August 2011)

Investing in different businesses and technologies in the software industry for more than quarter of century, Logo has realized important enterprises in the recent years.   In 2011, it acquired Coretech a leading technology company of the sector, known for its applications offering software as a service (SaaS).Coretech has gained an important place in the future vision of Logo that invests in internet and mobile technologies.

 Having also acquired the majority stake of WorldBI, a firm developing Business Intelligence software, the same year, Logo incorporated the firm’s innovative products into its portfolio.   In 2013, Logo signed a partnership with EAS Solutions SARL, a Mediterra Capital Partners company and acquired Netsis, an important player of the domestic software  sector.