Corporate Profile

Having entered the industry in 1984 by developing application software for personal computers, Logo is one of the largest software companies in Turkey. It is the innovative leader in the Turkish software industry with various solutions, services and innovations. As one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with more than 800 dealers and an extensive network of distribution channel, more than 85,000 companies are actively using Logo products. Logo’s products are customized in several languages, business practices and legislations of numerous countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia to meet the user needs, through authorized business partners or fully authorized distributors.

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Business Model Growing Through Strong Capital Structure

Throughout its experience of 30 years in the software industry, Logo has continued to invest in new business models and technologies. In 2011, Logo acquired the entire share capital of Coretech, a prominent software company with its software as a service (SaaS) applications on the internet. In the same year, Logo acquired majority shares of WorldBI, a Business Intelligence software company. In 2013 all of the remaining shares of WorldBI were acquired by Logo, providing the company with a substantial market share in the Business Intelligence market in addition to Internet and mobile based technologies. The acquisition of Netsis in September 2013, a prominent player in the industry, enhanced the competitive position of Logo in the Turkish market.

Logo continued to invest on value oriented acquisitions. Logo, acquired the entire share capital of Logo Elektronik (e-Logo) in 2014, which has a wide product and service range that enables companies to adapt the e-commerce in an agile, efficient, and practical way.After the acquisition of the entire share capital of Intermat and signing LoI with Sempa and e-Çözüm companies in the first quarter of 2015, Logo also acquired the entire share capital of Sempa in June 2015, a company with expertise in warehouse and logistics, mobile sales and production management solutions. Since its foundation in 1995, Sempa has been presenting innovative and value added solutions specialized in logistics, barcode systems, mobile sales and production management. 

Leader in Technology and R&D

Logo, considering investments in technology and R&D as the basis of long-term growth, adopts investing in perfection in software and presenting solutions of highest quality as a principle. Logo is among the leader firms of Turkey in R&D investments thanks to “continuous innovation” principle.


We focus on achieving increased efficiency in the enterprises of our customers with our products and services.   We offer information tools, equipments, and services necessary for enterprises to become much productive and lucrative, by considering that each sector and company have their own structure and contemporary management methods. 

Customer Satisfaction

Absolute satisfaction of our customers is very essential.  For this reason, we deem it important that our products and services are of superior quality, and adopt “Total Quality Management” as a management philosophy.  In determining policies, our main principle is to pursue market preferences and standards and to sustain a sincere and warm relationship with customers.

Research and Development

We believe that effective research and development is the basic component of competitiveness in the ever-changing conditions of the present.    We dedicate a great part of our resources to research and development, in order to create new products, to add further skills to our existing products, AND to align with changing technologies and platforms for a better service for our customer



We consider using resources efficiently, and being an efficient and profitable company as a necessity for our responsibility to our employees, customers and society. 

Social Responsibility

We defend that technology, as a liberating instrument by means of providing better living conditions for people, should be developed in a framework of respect towards people and the environment.  In our operations, we act with a sense of responsibility towards the society and the world, and exhibit constructive approaches to social issues.

Business Ethics

We believe in and stick to the market economy principles.  We place importance on honesty, openness, and consistency in our relation with our customers, business partners, and competitors.  We abide by the law, general business ethics, and principles in our activities.

Employee Satisfaction

We believe that products and services of good quality can only be produced by qualified and happy people.  For this reason, we place great importance on continuous training of our employees.  We aim that our employees are happy, productive, and useful individuals for the society by providing them with a high level of income, a quality working atmosphere, and participatory management and job security.

Equal Opportunities

In the recruitment process, we pursue the principle of equal opportunities, and perform our evaluations only on the basis of knowledge and experience.   We assess success only by productivity in accordance with corporate purposes. 

Vision / Mision

Our Vision

Coding the future together.


Our Mission

We create value for our customers with passion and agility.


Our Principles

According to Turkish Time’s R&D research, Logo was ranked:

·         24th in Turkey and 1st in the sector in 2013 and 2012 (TurkishTime, November 2014)

·         15th  in Turkey and 1st  in the sector in 2011 (TurkishTime, August 2014)

·         12th  in Turkey and 1st  in the sector in 2010 (TurkishTime, August 2011)

Investing in different businesses and technologies in the software industry overa quarter of a century, Logo has realized important enterprises in the recent years.   In 2011, it acquired Cortech a leading technology company of the sector, known for its applications offering software as a service (SaaS).  

Cortech has gained an important place in the future vision of Logo that invests in internet and mobile technologies.   Having also acquired the majority stake of WorldBI, a firm developing Business Intelligence software, in the same year, Logo incorporated the firm’s innovative products into its portfolio.   In 2013, Logo signed a partnership with EAS Solutions SARL, a Mediterra Capital Partners company and acquired Netsis, an important player of the domestic software sector.  

Business Solutions For Today and For the Future

Logo, as a “company of productivity”, adopts organizing companies within the scope of contemporary management rules and developing solutions to increase efficiency and profitability by executing business processes in line with international standards as its main principle. Enterprise resource management, sector-oriented solutions, procurement and demand chain automation customized for various sizes, business processes design counseling and similar products and services can be counted among these solutions.

Logo had a good innings and won many awards both in Turkey and on abroad. The relevant services for the products customized to the business practices, legal legislations and languages for several countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia are provided by fully-authorized distributors or private companies in those countries.

Sustainable Life

As Logo, our activities with respect to the environment and sustainable life planning are as follows: 

1. We replaced our inefficient, uninterrupted power supply system with solar power invertors.   We minimized losses in our power distribution system.  We supported the system with photovoltaic solar panels capable of generating 20 KW.  With this system, which is a first in its field, we prevented emission of 30 tons/year of carbon dioxide to the nature. 

2. Thanks to the virtualization configuration in our server infrastructure, we managed to run nearly 50 servers over 4 servers, achieving both space saving, as well as energy saving of approximately 1,500 kw/h per month on average. Computers that were no longer needed as a result of this application were sent to schools in Gebze and other places across the country. 

3. We sent unusable computers to a professional waste management firm managing the recycling of waste electronics and thus recycled more than 1,000 kg of electronics a year. 

4. In September 2010, we changed the production technology of all products and rendered them downloadable.  With this development, we discontinued use of packages including boxes, papers, nylon and CD materials.  Thereby, we saved 640 trees a year on average and prevented them from filling garbage dumps.

5. By recycling more than 3 tons of waste collected in plastic-metal-paper boxes in our GOSB Teknopark building in 2010, we saved 50 trees on average. We separated waste batteries using waste battery boxes.

6. We consumed 18% less energy thanks to the photoelectric lighting system used in indoor areas of our GOSB Teknopark building, which has been designed to make the most of daylight.  Thanks to the structure that offers radiance and greenhouse effect, we grew various plants and lemon trees in internal gardens.  We created a spacious environment for our employees.

7. Diminishing water resources makes it increasingly necessary to make intelligent use of water, which is the basis of life.   With water-restricting devices fitted to taps at our building, we achieved water savings at a rate of 10% a month on average. 

8. We saved a significant amount of paper by communicating with our business partners and customers electronically. 

9. We added the message “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail” to our outbound e-mails.

10. As members of an organization that aims leadership in every field, we contributed to, and served as a role model for our natural and social environment with our manners.