While the fast developments recently seen in Information Technologies continue to affect every field of life deeply, they transform the business life at a great speed, and bring brand-new technological visions.  

With the e-Transformation process and initiated with legal arrangements introduced by the Revenue Administration and the scope of compulsory implementation, the integration of electronic bills and electronic books to business life is becoming more important every day. 

A leading application developer in Turkey, Logo guides the e-Transformation process with its 30 years of know-how and experience.   Logo follows the e-Transformation process closely and offers reliable and fast solutions required by firms, thanks to its GIB-certified e-Bill, e-Archive, and e-Book solutions. 

·         Directly connected to Logo and Netsis solutions

·         Full integration with all ERP software

·         Working with more than one company and cost center

·         Capability to access and manage incoming and outgoing bills

·         Broad business partner network and uninterrupted support 

·         Flexible bill formats

·         Uninterrupted bill exchange and no data loss 


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